Cold, Brilliant Morning

It is a cold morning today.

My parents suffered a car accident yesterday. How it happened, I don’t know.

Couldn’t sleep a wink. Way too many things going through my head.

I mean, this is common. Stay the night awake thinking. At least for me, anyway.

Alas, this night had a very tragic reason to happen.

A drunk driver went through the red sign. The car flipped over.  

They’re both fine.

“Son, stay calm”, Dad said.

“We suffered an accident. Your mother had to be immobilized, but she’ll be fine. The car’s destroyed.”

I couldn’t say anything. I just asked myself:

“Is she really alive?”

I began to think how on the morning of the day before yesterday, my mother and I talked about some things we cherished back in our hometown. We moved away from there years ago, but she still spoke about how she longed to be back home.

“Do you remember that splendid city center, dear? We used to wander all around and shop all kinds of things there! And the food… Ah, how I miss those days!”

I didn’t do anything except smile. She loves to talk. I missed those days as well. At that moment I thought about how I loved to see my mother smile.

But then, I suddenly ask:

“Did she suffer major injuries? A skull fracture? Anything?”

“No, but we suffered injuries nonetheless. We’re gonna stay here for the time being,” Dad said.

I stayed silent once again. I had so many questions, but I simply didn’t know what to say.

“Listen, my phone battery is dying, and the charger was in the car. I’ll see if I can charge my phone and keep you informed.,” Dad said.

“All right, dad. God bless you,” I said.

“God bless you, son.”

The phone hung up. This would be the last time he contacted me. That was past 9 PM, I believe.

In the meantime, I decided to pray to the Lord to have mercy on them, and to bring them home.

Alas, after finished praying, my thoughts came rushing through my head.

“What if she dies there? What are you gonna do? What if she gets debilitated? If she dies, what are you gonna say to our family back home? Did you really mean your prayer? This must be God punishing you for your sins! Or even her sins! You should have been more rigorous with yourself! Now you’re gonna be alone! Next time Father calls you, he’s gonna said that she died! You shouldn’t have let them go out today! You could have insisted! SHE WOULD HAVE LISTENED!”

Demons. Demons. Curse them all.

With that, I got a migraine. I still have it as I write this since there are no painkillers. She took them with her.

I decided to play some Metro Exodus to take my mind away from that. I wasn’t able to sleep after all.

Took some screenies from the game as I played. Always loved to do that.

I stopped playing when I saw the sunrise from my window. My mind still reminisces the fact that my parents are in a hospital right now, and I don’t know how they are.

When I look at the sunrise, I remembered something a saint said:

“It is all in the hands of the Lord.”

And that quieted my soul, in a way. Because at the end of the day, it really is. If it’s God’s will that they return fine, they undoubtedly will, so I must put it all in His hands.

Then, my mind went back to that breakfast once again.

“Say, dear, wouldn’t it be amazing if we went back to our hometown just for a visit? It would be great to see our family again, wouldn’t it? See your cousins running all over the place, your uncles trying to stop them, the chatter of a small town. Also, to go to the city center again to do all those things we used to do! Just for a week. What do you think?”, Mom said.

“It would be brilliant, mom. I can’t wait.”