Frequently Asked Questions About My Games

There’s a bug in your game.

Unless it’s stated that said bug was made on purpose, please send a message on the respective game’s page or an email describing the problem. If you can, send me a screenshot or a video too so I can ascertain it with precision.

Will you ever release your games on Steam?

I don’t intend to.
Not only I don’t have the money to pay the fees to put my games there, but there are much better games on Steam for you to buy or download. Go play those instead.

Yes. At least the ones related to Raziel.

Can I translate your game?

Be my guest. 
If you want, I can even make it available to download on their respective game pages. Just give me the .rar/.zip file so I can upload them.

Can I make a video/review/article/artwork/music about your game?

Yes. You can even monetize your work if you want. I don’t mind it at all.

What does (something) mean in your game?

It means whatever you want it to mean.
My games are full of metaphors, and like so, they don’t possess a universal meaning. I have certain views on my work, but you can have your own.
I make games to be reflected on, but I won’t tell you what to reflect on about them.

Can I use the assets/scripts from your game?

You can, but be mindful that most of my games use assets that were NOT created by me.
If you’re gonna use them, please check the credits session that is on every “Read Me” file available on my games and credit them as well in your game.
And please, don’t go out and say you made said assets yourself. That would be fraudulent. Those are freeware projects that I made out of boredom, after all.