Here are all the games and projects I’ve worked on so far, either completed, in development, on indefinite hiatus or abandoned. I mainly use RPG Maker to make them (and you can thank Austin Jorgensen and Stephen Gillmurphy for that).



Memories from an eternity seem impossible to forget. A poetic adventure.

Adventure, Story-driven, Experimental


In Development

“A pilgrim searches for meaning in his tragic life while voyaging through a dirty and uncaring world.”

Adventure, Story-driven, Experimental

An Essay on Insipidity


Just a RTP-game made by some honduran kid.

Role Playing

An Essay on Insipidity II


Arkhip is a peasant that has to save his famished family from the harsh winter.

Adventure, Story-driven

Dying Cat


There’s a disease spreading out in Anthos City. Many have already died. Help us, please.

Role-playing, Story-driven, Reactive Storytelling

Have some questions about my games? I probably already answered them here.