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You are Avoir Cafard, a miserable, dull man that lives in a dirty and deplorable apartment, in a forsaken town with sad people and monotonous situations.
Avoir works in a local church as a spiritual counselor for people who have problems with life, either because of friendships, love, work, or family.
During five days, he will attend five different people with different situations that are disturbing them.

Taking them for a walk.
Talking to them for a while.
Making them see that things are not so bad as they imagine.

Maybe that will help them, somehow.

While at it, Avoir is also trying to solve his own problems. Problems about his own past.
He wishes to forget it at all costs.
Sadly, memories from an eternity seem impossible to forget.


Raziel (Rah-ziih-ell) is an adventure-esque, philosophical game where you wander about solving small tasks and talking to people. It aims to be a character study of five distinct people and their stream of consciousness, while also being a good tale about observing humanity.

The game is set within five days of Avoir’s life. In each of them, you meet a different person which you must help to ease their struggles about life while discovering new things about Avoir himself.
While not taking care of them, you are free to wander about in the city talking to its inhabitants and maybe even helping them along the way.
It revolves in five chapters with a prologue, two interludes, and an epilogue.

The story is based on a chronicle I wrote some years ago when I was starting to write, called “Quarto de Hotel” (Hotel Room).


  • 3+ hours of gameplay;
  • Original Soundtrack;
  • Charismatic characters, I guess;
  • Pixel Art cutscenes;
  • No random battles (actually, no battles at all);
  • Yes, you can call it “Ray-zih-ell” if you want to;
  • A fishing minigame;
  • Free city-roaming;
  • NPCs that don’t have just one meaningless line of dialogue;


This game is recommended by the author for 16+ players.
Contains Strong Language, Sexual Themes, Mental Themes, and Mature Humor.

This game is not recommended for impatient players.
Being very slow in nature, this game might bore some people who expect thrilling action or complex game mechanics. This is just an unpretentious story being chronicled in form of a game, and it’s not meant to be anything more.

Project Details

Development Start: May 6, 2020
Project Name: “Project Preta”
Genre: Adventure, Story-driven, Experimental
Engine: RPG Maker 2000 VALUE!+ (Steam Version) with Destiny Patch V2.0
Language: English

Project Credits

Story, Game Design & Writing
Carlos Davilla

Character Design and Concept Art
Carlos Davilla
Caroline Thaynara

Caroline Thaynara
Natasha Harumi

Eduardo Arving

Original Soundtrack
Elvis Suhadolnik Bonesso

Programming & Eventing

Made in RPG Maker 2000 Value!+ (Steam Version)
by Enterbrain/KADOKAWA & Degica

with Destiny Patch V2
by Bananen-Joe



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